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Images are available for purchase in many formats including framed and unframed photographic papers, canvas, wood, glass and metal. Sizes range from 8" x 10" to over 36" wide/tall.

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Photographic images can be specifically commissioned or printed for:


  • Corporate Lobbies, Boardrooms & Offices: Photographic wall art and murals provide excellent focal points for corporate building lobbies, atriums,  conference rooms and offices. Images range in size from small desk prints to large-scale murals in excess of 20' long. Large installations are permanently mounted behind protective glass or acrylic. Contact me to discuss your ideas and I will gladly meet on-site to evaluate your spaces.


  • Hospitality, Healthcare & Airport Facilities: Hotels, catering facilities and airports are prime locations for colorful and abstract images and can be themed to match a facility's needs. Art can be therapeutic and the staff, patients and residents of hospitals, medical centers/offices and nursing and life care facilities can benefit from the visual experience of local images. Contact me to discuss your project and to arrange for an on-site meeting. 


  • Art Galleries/Museums: My images have been exhibited and are available at various art and photo galleries on Long Island including Watermark Galleries in St. James, NY; Long Island Photo Gallery in Islip, NY; Gallery North in Setauket, NY; and the Mills Pond House Gallery in Head-of-the-Harbor, NY. Check the "Galleries & Exhibitions" page for updated schedules and locations.

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